My Vegan Friends - Vegan Kids & Teens

Angelina for the Animals


Angelina is a 10 year old vegan activist!  She went vegan in 2017 after watching a documentary called Earthlings!  Her mission is to encourage and inspire others to become vegan and to speak up for the animals too! 

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Genesis for Animals


 11 yr old activist & ethical vegan.
Youngest TEDx speaker.
Featured in Vegan:Everyday Stories & The Invisible Vegan 

instagram: A Vegan child's journey

King Zoom the Vegan Kid


 Vegan since birth! King Zoom loves to make and eat Vegan food. Sharing Vegan cooking tips and educating about animal rights is his passion!

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Zoe Rosenberg


Zoe is an incredible 15-year-old activist!  She started a sanctuary when she was only 11 years old!

Zoe's Sanctuary - happy hen animal sanctuary

Ateret Goldman



Khendall aka Lil Bear


He always says it plain and simple, “There’s no reason 2 B killing animals!“ 

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 Zoey says, "I eat plants not animals.  I want a vegan world!" 

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Ethan aka Cute Little Llama


Ethan likes to share his views with his  friends that aren't vegan yet and show them that vegan food isn't just salads and "rabbit food."  He tries to show others that vegan food can taste just like their non-vegan food, BUT it's compassionate to the animals, healthier for our bodies, and leaves less of a carbon footprint on our planet. 

Cute Little Llama Youtube channel